Hay Dobbs to develop new Station Concepts for Orange Line BRT

Hay Dobbs has been retained by Metro Transit to undertake the development of station designs for the Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit Route.

METRO Orange Line BRT will benefit existing riders and attract new riders by improving transit access, service, and reliability on the I-35W corridor. Additionally, an identifiable, high-amenity brand will increase the visibility of transit and leverage service improvements to attract new riders to the system.

All-day, frequent BRT service will complement local and express bus routes along I-35W, providing competitive running times for station-to-station trips and a new option for reverse -commute markets. Both BRT and express-service riders will benefit from station, runningway, technology, and service improvements.

As a part of the METRO system, the Orange Line will connect people across the region to job centers, housing options, transit stations, and key destinations in the I-35W corridor. By providing a new transportation option and expanding accessibility, BRT service will promote compact, walkable development in the station areas.